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By this opinion, you can understand easily the following paragraph:"I don't mind spending everyday Out on your corner in the pouring rain Look for the girl with the broken smile Ask her if she wants to stay awhile And she will be loved She will be loved"We can see that the girl (the daughter) went out and the man (I) and the woman (you) need to find her. For the rest of the lyrics, you can understand easily by this point of view.

Tell me if you have other idea : DFinally after all these years I actually bothered to watch the video. It's interesting how everyone seems to keep missing that he's sleeping around with his girlfriend's mother.

the "watcher" man is able to go undercover and offer aid in the sense that he becomes her touch stone during this time, her smile is truely broken, literally from the wear of beatings and starvation. The mother is also very unhappy in her marriage and seeks comfort in her daughters boyfriend.

She is love to every house she enters during her captivity, she decided that she would turn every bit of evil that was happening to her life into LOVE. it then turns into an affair and the mother becomes jealous (at the end when she can't handle it) and then the daughter finds out and the guy is made to choose the mother (who's married) or her daughter.great song love it!

Summer of 2005 I went through a terrible break up and he was there for me. I literally used to drive around for miles and miles and I would always end up on his door step. We never went out together and did anything spectacular, but some how, just being with him was enough. When her other boyfriends treat her bad, he is always there to mend her heart.

He might of had sex with her but then their relationship never went anywhere or she uses him as a "friends with benefits".

15 years later she ends up married to a lawyer who ends up not being the prince she thought, he beat her and was mixed up in a big drug ring, the man that watches her has to witness this and is helpless...

He's waiting for her to realize what a mistake she is making with all the other guys." The song is beautiful but the video..well, perhaps it does only have something to do with my own taste. Again, I don't really know what the girl's name was. This happened again tonight when my friends listened to me, reached out and gave me advice and care.

" comes back and begs me to catch her everytime she falls "... and she will always feel loved when taking drugs ........

And the old man in the video is her pimp lol I think the song is about a guy who's best friend is a girl.

But wiki provides me with such a crazy explanation, too. So what my friend was saying its almost liek a forbidden love. she has a hard and terrible life but he loves her to death I am unsure as to whether or not Levine's girlfriend's name was Kelly.

Anyway, to be honest, I prefer the first explanation here: "This is about a guy who has a best friend who is always someone else's girlfriend. I know for sure that the actress who plays the young girl in the music video was Levine's girlfriend at the time.

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