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1573-Akbar receiving his sons at Fathpur after the victorious campaign in Gujarat . 1577-Akbar greeting Rajput rulers and other nobles at court . Akbar Receives Gifts from the Ambassadors of Badakhshan .

1577-The Battle Preceding the Capture of the Fort at Bundi, Rajasthan . Akbar giving Audience Other illustrations made in Akbar's time: .

1573-Mirza Ibrahim Husain Hunting, and his Defeat by the Imperial Troops .

1620 Jahangir Receives a Prisoner, Jahangir-nama, c1620 Meeting of Warriors, from a 1620-1625 Shahnama Jahangir with portrait of Akbar Pictures from The Patna's Drawings Album Portrait of an emperor mounted on a white horse and carrying a lance from the 'House of Timur Album' Sadullah Khan giving audience Shah Jahan Riding Stallion, from The Kevorkian Album Moghul Lion Hunt Shah Jahan and son Dara Portrait of an officer Marriage Procession in a Bazaar, Mandi, 1645 Battle in the mountains by Payag, c.

1645 Standing figure of an officer, c1628-1658 – from the Small Clive Album Battle Scene, Large Clive Album Mounted Hunter, Large Clive Album Dara Shikuh with his army Battle of Samugarah, 1658 Aurangzeb Equestrian Portrait of Aurangzeb Portrait of an officer, mid to late 17th century – from the Small Clive Album Aurangzeb giving audience Commander In The Deccan, 1670 Maharana Raj Singh riding, Udaipur, c1670 Nata, Rajput from a late C17 Ragamala The Darbar of Cornelis van den Bogaerde, c.

Arik Buka defeats Alghu from Rashid al'Din Jami al Tavarikh, painted 1596 .

Toda Mongke and His Mongol Horde, from a Chingiznama (History of Genghis Khan), painted 1596 .

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