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Some linger and are reread multiple times, while others are read, scoffed at and then tossed quickly from my sight.This is a list of the former: Five books that either caught my eye, educated my mind, opened my networks to invaluable dialogue, or simply stimulated my sex craving curiosity button for more than a fleeting moment. – Sixth Edition, by Paul Joannides Here’s what Oprah magazine had to say: “You’ve never read a manual as warm, friendly, liberating, thorough and potentially sex-life-changing as The Guide to Getting It On.Therefore I leave you with these five in the hopes that one may catch your eye, call out to you in a sexy voice, and persuade you to open its cover.

More » Authors David and Carole Hocking offer a guide for establishing a more joyful and satisfying relationship with your partner.

, Liz Lemon is thrilled to finally see her book in stores, complete with a cardboard cutout of herself... She's hilarious, and it would have certainly been an epic bestseller. Betty gets psyched at the chance to interview the celebrated Phillip Roth, the National Book Award winning author.

which promptly gets torn apart by an employee that's angry at one of her tips. Fun fact, as of those posting you can still take the Dealbreaker quiz over on NBC's official website, as well as read the dealbreakers that would have probably ended up in the book, both for men and for women. While the title doesn't sound all that terrible, the chapters... Unfortunately, it turns out she's interviewing another Phil Roth.

Looking for a complete reference book that combines biblical teaching on love and marriage combined with medical information on sex and sexuality? This book makes a great gift for newlyweds and an invaluable resource for pastors and marriage counselors.

Authors Tim and Beverly La Haye offer valuable help to Christian couples who want to discover new joy and sexual fulfillment in marriage.

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