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Birja was founded in 1992 with the goal of providing an advertising newspaper in the Azerbaijan market, where generally only a single local ad newspaper was available.

Birja supports a nationwide project of Khinalug village.

to pull a television ad that shows a young boy driving a Corvette sports car so recklessly that it goes airborne, officials of the automaker said on Wednesday...

And there are a lot more important issues to focus on during this campaign, like, oh, I don't know...maybe the economy, foreign policy, war in Iraq, etc.

Elegant blue and gold drapes close to create a world away from drab Stony Island Drive.

In early 2017, the Government of Indonesia, in this case the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, issued the Ministerial Regulation (Permen) No.The restaurant's popularity is at an all-time high during the week.The Dating Game aims for class, with rich colors, mirrored walls, dim lighting and two top-shelf-stocked bars.Secretary - Christina Verchere, BP INDONESIA Treasurer - Tumbur Parlindungan, SAKA INDONESIA PANGKAH LIMITED Director - I.The Board of Directors is composed of Company Representatives and consists of five Officers of the Association and in addition not more than eight other duly elected Company Representatives."But we have to wait for bid round results that have been extended until 31 December 2017 to see the final outcome," she said.

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