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As he goes through his handful of cards it takes him a while to realize what she stole, not a credit card, not much cash … This is because I mistakenly believed that poison ivy couldn’t exist on an island that far north. There are probably worse places to be when your wife realizes that you’re responsible for your four year old’s poison ivy outbreak, but a Vegas bachelor party is pretty tough to beat.his driver’s license.“That’s why you can’t trust anyone in this world,” he says, finishing his story. My wife is, as you can well imagine, incredibly patient and forgiving.But Mc Gee is just the latest NBA player to mess around and ruin their rep while attempting to go for a trey deuce.From intentional misses in an effort to grab extra rebounds to even asking opponents for help, these ballers truly have no shame.

Right in front of the hotel.” I’m convinced it’s bed bugs when my wife calls while Kai showers. tromped through the woods, and pretended to be explorers seeing everything for the first time. Fortunately, my wife is forgiving and conversation eventually moves to my wife giving me advice.Just what you’d hope, it’s easier to get on a plane than go to a pool party. After yesterday’s pool party Adam had to take a pill to restart his heart. By noon he is chugging from a champagne bottle while singing along to “Call Me Maybe” and drinking vodka on the rocks. This is the only real issue with Liquid, that I’m a bit concerned there might be a hit at any moment.The Italian mobsters are all in their 50’s, overweight, hairy as hell, and dancing in bathrobes on the couches in front of their cabana.Kai points out that the form he has will allow him to get on a plane flight back to the Nashville.The security guard shrugs, “Our security at Liquid is more stringent than the airport.” Awesome. The Soprano crime family is in one of the cabanas next to us.

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