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Exuberant, acrobatic, comical, brave, endearing miniature macaws have huge personalities in smaller bodies.At this time we are raising Hahn’s Mini Macaws, the smallest of the miniature macaws, and Illiger's Mini Macaws.Then we help you select the right pet bird for your situation.We also offer an extremely informative companion parrot care seminar.Read more about the pros and cons of having a pet parrot in the deciding if a parrot is right for you section of our website.If you are interested in purchasing one of our companion parrots, the first step is a qualification interview to determine if a parrot is a good fit and to make sure you know what you are getting into.Some layers have both a heritage strain and a variety that has been commercially bred for production—not necessarily hybrid, but commercialized—so be sure to ask your source which you’re getting if this distinction matters to you.

We are currently raising five species of large macaws: Calm and peaceful, Eclectus parrots are incredibly beautiful birds that love to be admired.Making the up-front investment in one of our birds can save you a great deal of problems, expense and heartaches down the road.Companion parrots that have been properly raised and well socialized as they are growing up are much less likely to develop behavior and health problems later in life.Our birds are DNA sexed (if needed), and include the best behavior book on the market, an appropriate toy, an excellent health guarantee and admission to the companion parrot care seminar for your family.If you are getting ready to bring a parrot home, our checklist of what birds need is helpful, and our staff can make species-specific recommendations for cages, playstands, toys and other things your feathered friend needs.

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Egg-laying chicken breeds tend to fall into two categories: heritage and hybrid.

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