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As your character enters a scene, or bellies up to the bar, keep natural actions in mind.

Bar patrons, for example, may step up to the bar and rest their arms on it, or lean on it, or set their palms on it–perhaps raising a hand to flag down the tender droid.

Now that you’re on the stage, set your stance and block your character.

That’s called “blocking” and it’s used regularly in TV and film.

In instances where more than one person is speaking, you can simply left-click on the speaker to show your character turning his/her attention their way.

Your character’s head will turn to face the speaker.

Establishing locations for actors to sit or stand, or setting directions for them to move, helps the cinematographer establish mood and scene (as well as focus and knowing where to point the camera). Let’s start by examining the stage where your RP will take place.

Whether you’re just diving in to some random extraneous BARPing (Bar RP) around a cantina, or setting a scene inside a hangar, spaceport or back alley on Nar Shaddaa, there are some considerations to make based on your expectations for the story.

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