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The articles were entitled "STL Leaks: The Prosecution's Surprise Witnesses" and "The STL Witness List: Why We Published".Several witnesses afterwards feared for their safety after the information was published, Judge Lettieri said at the hearing held at the court's fortress-like headquarters just outside The Hague.Ahmed Wehbi, an assistant producer with Al Jadeed TV, said Mr Shabaan, another camera man and a reporter were filming a news report near the border when the Syrian army fired on them at noon yesterday."Ali was killed with a bullet to the heart," he told The Independent."The other two escaped; they tried to pull Ali from the car but they couldn't and they had to crawl away as the bullets came down like rain.Waqt News, ARY News, Allama Iqbal, Geo Super, SUCH TV, Argentina, Love For Latest Movies, Punjabi movies news, Ahmad Nawaz Kamyana, insightsgourmet.com, HUM News, Wimal Jayaweera Jayaweera, Pre Bug Solutions, Leaf Hair Salon, Spa & Studio, Doha, State of Qatar‎‎, Maya Ali, SAMAA FM, Creations, Movie Web, Blitz Advertising, Awareness Agahi, Qatar Ethiopian Muslim Community, Ethiopian Community in Qatar, City Sialkot, King's College Doha, Identrix, Oasis Beach Club, Ismailis in the world, Exceptional TOUCH, Glucowise, ‎‎‎Lateefon ki Dunya, Special Service Group (S. G) - Pakistan Army - Commandos, ‎‎تبد یلی ہم سے‎, Keep Indigenous Culture Alive‎‎, ‎‎Live With Dr.Shahid Masood- ARY News, ‎Jamal tarakai جمال‎‎, Lodhi Pathan Welfare Association, TV Persia 1‎‎, Islami Talimat, Pak Style, Bolly Gama, Africans in QATAR, Khaber Nama, Im not a Qatari but i love Qatar, Abu Hamour, Qatar, Paws Rescue Qatar, Baba Bulleh Shah‎‎, Mera Iman, Capital Properties, Al Rayyan Al Jadeed St, Doha Africans Talents, Vodafone Qatar, Awaztv.pk, Elaaj-E-Nabvi, Sadhika Venugopal, Actress Maadhavi, Imran Khan (official), Richa Panai, Komal Jha, Ayeza Khan (Aiza), Saba Qamar - Actress, BUSINESS DAILY AFRICA, Dr.The witnesses were worried that the information would be widely circulated in print and online, not only as STL witnesses, but also as witnesses "whose testimonies would be used to incriminate Hezbollah," the judge said."The tribunal puts in balance the freedom of the press and the need to ensure the integrity of the tribunal's work," said Lettieri."But freedom of press cannot be used as an impenetrable shield," he added.Judge Lettieri added: " While I accept that the accused and all media are free to report on the Tribunal's work, and even criticise it, I see no journalistic value or pressing social need in the decision to publish the names, photographs and other fully identifying information of 32 purported confidential witnesses."Some of the witnesses "suffered a direct and negative impact from their identification in the publications," the judge said.- Contempt of court -Hariri and 22 others, including a suspected suicide bomber, died in a massive car bomb blast on the Beirut waterfront on February 14, 2005.

The continued violence came as a report by Human Rights Watch accused Syrian forces of carrying out more than 100 summary executions of civilians and opposition fighters since March.The unrelenting bombardments further diminished hopes for the peace plan proposed by the UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan, under which the Syrian government would withdraw its troops from towns by 6am this morning, and cease firing within 48 hours.Turkey reacted angrily after Syrian forces fired into a Turkish refugee camp in Kilis, wounding two refugees, a Turkish interpreter and a policeman.Assad has been accused of stepping up his campaign of violence before the ceasefire.Fifty-two of the 160 reported killed yesterday died in the central city of Homs, according to the Local Coordination Committees.

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