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Dollicia quickly shot down the whisperings via Twitter on Tuesday morning.

The cover girl and rap video hottie said, "for the record don't believe media I've NEVER even met Reggie Bush."Dollicia was spotted Monday night grabbing dinner at Mr. For the record reports that Sharper had nothing but nice things to say about Reggie.

Darren Sharper’s girlfriend Elizabeth Morris began as his publicist, though the rumor mill began picking up on hints that the position may have just been cover so that the pair could date without the spotlight on them.

The rumor mill also claimed several others things (including what sexual “talent” Morris may have had) but we’ll stay out of that game.

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade are a plethora of people’s marriage goals with their public displays of sweet black love… In addition to speaking on her man, Gabby’s been giving wayward Trump supporters the BUSINESS on her Twitter. There are rumors online that Dollicia slept with Reggie Bush, though we openly admit that piecing the timeline together has been a struggle, so we’re not suggesting that she cheated on Sharper with Bush or vice versa.From things we’ve heard from clubhouse confidants, passing girls around amongst teammates can be a common practice, so none of this surprises us.UPDATE: : After having been accused of multiple rapes, hopefully Darren Sharper’s girlfriend Elizabeth Morris is still also a publicist, cause he’s gonna need her.Then again, if she is still his girlfriend, something tells me she won’t be helping him. She used to date New Orleans Saints Super Bowl champ, Darren Sharper.

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Since this story first broke, it has become far more serious.

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