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However, during the afternoon Al Jazeera web traffic monitors (another telling emergent phenomena) noticed something interesting. Kanfar, immediately realized they had a major, historic story breaking in their own backyard. Within days the brushfire lit by events in Cairo and across Egypt had spread to a half-dozen countries in the region and every major news organization on the planet was covering it. Successful stories often feature photogenic famous people, photogenic disasters, or royalty, photogenic or not, and sex, preferably in some combination.

The hits on the Tahrir Square story were shooting up, and within minutes they had shot past the Palestine Papers. But the people who saw it first, all those millions of viewers who clicked through to the story on Al Jazeera’s web site looking for more infomation, how did they find out about it? But up until now, the focus of the spotlight seems to have been directed by a shadowy cabal of major media groups. Maybe not a revolution, but an accelerated evolution.

Envision a citizen journalist in the next Tahrir Square who can transmit exactly what they are seeing from their eyes directly into the eyes of millions of Glasses-wearing viewers around the globe. Un dia estando en su oficina escuchó el maullar de un gato y preguntó si era que había uno cerca, y asi era.

With the surround-sound earphones on, it would be like the whole world was there. Una de sus colegas que había estado en la autopista lo vio cuando el gatito trataba de cruzarla, ella actuó con ligereza, disminuyó la marcha de su auto, frenó un poco, abrió la puerta y lo agarró salvandole la vida.

But now, just in the past five years, it has become possible for ideas, words, pictures and moving images to pass from one mind to another in seconds.From when one isolated consciousness views something in his or her immediate reality, it can be transferred to a million other minds in two or three seconds.Less time than is needed to explain it to someone standing next to you.But interlinking of networks depended on physical travel by one of the nodes, a human brain, and this was a difficult and dangerous endeavor until quite recently.With the popularization of the printed world, the neural network took a great leap forward.

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  1. Fair warning: this isn’t dating advice for everyone, but aimed at those who claim that they have to use tricks and traps to get laid, because they’re too socially awkward to get laid honestly.♦◊♦ PUA communities spend a lot of time disparaging women with words like “shallow,” “gold-digger,” and “childish,” for having what they deem to be incorrect desires.