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A The New York Times critic wrote: "With Lana Turner figuring prominently in the doings, it is fairly safe to predict that none of the patrons will bother to inquire where and when they have seen Two Girls on Broadway before.Barbara Walters, better known as Bobbie the Bunny, is shown in the photo above (second from the left) completely in her element.When Eddie hears about this, he is alarmed, because he had been secretly in love with Pat the entire time.He admits his true feeling for Pat to Molly, and is encouraged to follow her.Her worries turn out to be unnecessary, though, as Pat feels more attracted to Eddie.She does not want to hurt Molly's feeling or ruin her engagement, and decides to return home.Molly Mahoney (Joan Blondell) forms a vaudeville act with her fiancé Eddie Kerns (George Murphy).Working at a local dance school, she longs to become a star performing on Broadway.

Later, she has to come home with you, at the very least to pick up her car.

So don’t plan for the two of you to be in separate cars on the other end of town.

Have her meet you at your place and leave from there.

Molly, who is unaware of Pat's motives for leaving, insists that she stay.

Thinking it is the only way of forgetting her feelings for Eddie, Pat accepts a proposal from Chat and elopes with him.

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