Intimidating cage fighting

Read the rest of this entry » The Burlesque Assassins is the first feature film of Canadian writer / director Jonathan Joffe, whose previous short films have earned him 20 awards and screened at over 50 festivals worldwide. Beautiful, deadly, and a vital weapon in the war against communism and tyranny that threaten our freedom.

It may be a man’s world, especially in the music industry, but we’re here to help level the playing field!

Working in a space of true freedom takes effort and self-understanding, but there are some tricks which can inspire spectacular new costumes.

Whether you’re a first-timer or queen of the stage, harnessing the world’s inspiration and wonder is the best way of recovering from a creative dry spell and wowing the crowd.

Intrigued by this seductive and mysterious world I started dance lessons at Flora Gattina’s Amsterdam School of Burlesque. Read the rest of this entry » Vaudezilla was born in 2008 when solo Chicago burlesque performer Red Hot Annie teamed up with Keith Emroll (aka Dick Dijon) to put their more than 20 years of combined theatrical production experience to work producing burlesque shows. presents: Shimmy& Swing A night of burlesque performances and open swing dancing with live music performed by The Flat Cats Read the rest of this entry » Burlesque Kingdom​ is one of my favorite spots for a night out.

Since then, they have injected a consistent display of vitality and originality that plays a key role in Chicago’s visibility on the national burlesque map. Live music and beautiful dancers in an area my daddy forbid me to go to: the Red Light district in Amsterdam!

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