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You will need to register as well, this costs an additional 2000 tögrög.Bring your passport, and a copy of your passport and your Mongolian visa and entry stamp, a passport photo and an explanation letter about the reason for your extension with the address you’re staying at (unless you camp in the bush, in which case you should explain that).Except for those countries summed up under the header visa-free, every visitor to Mongolia needs a visa.A Mongolian tourist visa is designated as J on your passport.There was some confusion around this topic before, but it has now been cleared up.You can extend your visa up until 4 days before expiry.

If you are late with extending, you pay a 200000 tögrög (USD 100) fine.Huge sign saying ‘Mongolia Immigration’ shows the way.)Telephone: 976 11 7011 0481Email: info-at-immigration-dot-gov-dot-mn Opening hours: 9-13 and 14-17. There is also an immigration agency in Olgii (see extensions below)You can get another 30 days extension on your tourist visa.Once again, the Immigration Offices referenced above in Ulan Bator and Olgii are where you need to be.It is valid for 30 days in the country and single entry.A Mongolian tourist visa is valid for 90 days from the date of issue and you can enter Mongolia at any time up to the last day on the visa.

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