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It was intended as a protest single, to be released on the week of the 2015 UK General Election, focusing on the lack of representativeness of the UK government and electoral system.Day aimed for the single to chart at number 1 in the UK on the track's week of release, however it failed to chart.On 16 December 2012, he attempted to break a world record with his song "Stupid Stupid". Day released his third album, Epigrams and Interludes, on 17 March 2013.It contains all his previously released singles since "Forever Yours". Day partnered with the file sharing service Bit Torrent for an exclusive bundle with the release of Epigrams and Interludes.He also released a music video for 'I've Got What It Takes' starring Tom Ridgewell, Carrie Hope Fletcher and Khyan Mansley. The package was downloaded over 1 million times in the first week of release.In the video, Day talks about his side of the allegations accused of him, as well as his thoughts and opinion on the matter.On 3 October, Day announced he would release the album a day early for all of those who signed on for the newsletter.

He also commented on the 'militant' reaction from social networking site Tumblr, stating "At some point you have to just start sticking up for yourself and especially when there’s such an angry torrent of abuse, like verbal abuse–I don’t know if it counts as verbal when it’s written down–but like slander I guess…On his celebrity, Day has stated he became disillusioned with it. Within it, he explained that he was launching a new You Tube channel called 'The Daily Day', which would feature a new vlog everyday, on different themes to his original channel.Day stated that the creation of a new channel was to "define a fresh start and have a channel focused on my new direction, with an active audience I know is there just for that", and to clear out dead subscribers from the old channel after the loss of viewership.He later announced that this song would not be part of his fourth album, but instead a cover album he would release at a later date.On , Day released a new single available to download on his website, entitled 'Keep Me Up'.

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