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And based on biological and isotopic features, we believe they were interacting, intermarrying and eventually becoming a community of Egyptians and Nubians," said Buzon, who just returned from the excavation site.

Michele Buzon, a Purdue University associate professor of anthropology, is excavating pyramid tombs in Tombos, Sudan to study Egyptian and Nubian cultures from thousands of years ago in the Nile River Valley.

New bioarchaeological evidence shows that Nubians and Egyptians integrated into a community, and even married, in ancient Sudan, according to new research from a Purdue University anthropologist.

"There are not many archaeological sites that date to this time period, so we have not known what people were doing or what happened to these communities when the Egyptians withdrew," said Michele Buzon, an associate professor of anthropology, who is excavating Nubian burial sites in the Nile River Valley to better understand the relationship between Nubians and Egyptians during the New Kingdom Empire.

Emanuele Cancellieri analysed the arrow head from tumulus FW T1287 ... 295-326To date there has been a lack of palaeopathological evidence for the presence of scurvy in ancient Egypt.

This chapter provides an overview of the historical and socio-economic rea-lity of a small oasis in the wider frame of the Saharan history in the chronological span which saw a deep transition in subsistence strategies. In this paper we describe one of, if not the first, differentially diagnosed bioarchaeological cases of subadult scurvy in the region in the skeleton of a 1-year /− 4-month old infant recovered from the Predynastic site of Nag el-Qarmila (c. Bony change was observed on the left maxilla and greater wing of the sphenoid bone, left and right mandibular rami, orbits, and zygomatic bones, as well as on the humeri, radii, and femora, all of which appear to be suggestive of scurvy.

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