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So I ghost,” a 29-year-old investment professional told me.

“I don't think the person really devoted any resources to chat me along with other multiple people at the same time online.” Ghosting is easy.

Speaking briefly with someone in person does not imply an investment, and neither does an online greeting.

’” And that’s the main issue: formally cutting off every conversation you might have with a stranger online would be exhausting.

And when you’re messaging with what turns out to be your third lamest match of the day, ghosting becomes a necessary tool to manage the exhaustion that is mining through the hundreds of (probably boring) people at your fingertips.

For the record: This isn’t the nicest way of looking at people.

As the 29-year-old investment professional put it, “How would the other person possibly benefit by an internet stranger saying he or she doesn't wanna meet up because ‘I find you boring.’” The 45-year-old writer said something similar: “If I hardly know a person, I think I have little right to judge their behavior.

It'd be massively egotistical of me to judge them after so little interaction.” Online dating moves quickly.

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