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For instance, there was the water basin which 1 Kings -26 designates “sea”, and the bronze pillars, described in 1 Kings -22, which perhaps represented the pillars of the earth.The horizontal axis in the temple was arranged in the same order as the vertical axis in the cosmos.In day 1, God creates the light and distinguishes it from darkness; whereas on day 4, God creates the sun, moon and stars.On day 2, God separates the sky and sea; whereas, on day 5, God creates birds and sea creatures.

In this article, however, I simply want to read and understand the text on its own terms, not missing what the text is saying; but, at the same time, not adding to it what simply isn’t there.

Thus, the seven days of the Genesis account of origins has a familiarity that can hardly be coincidental and tells us something about the seven-day structure in Genesis 1.

Furthermore, in the outer courtyard of the temple were representations of various aspects of cosmic geography.

Such an interpretation makes sense in the context of the very next verse, in which we are told that the “there [are] similarities between God’s creation week and our work week, but also obvious differences. God’s creative activity is very different from ours; God does not need rest as we do, and so on.

So it is not possible to draw straight lines from Genesis to our working week.

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