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Maybelline is a makeup and skin care brand offering beauty products for men, women, young and mature.

The Maybelline name is a brand controlled by the L’Oreal parent company.

If you are not ready to do that, and if she doesn't understand it as well, then you should find a Christian or Hindu girl, they make up 10% of the Indonesian people so it's not that hard to find.

Age Gap: The age difference, quite common in expats/Indonesian girls’ couples, is less a problem than one could imagine.

Dating older men for an Indonesian girl is not necessarily seen as a bad thing, because older men are deemed more adequate to provide girls with the security they need.

By going to less expensive restaurants, you give her the opportunity to treat you as well.Religion: This is the second most important topic when dating an Indonesian girl because few of them will make a compromise about it.If you are catholic and no ready to adapt, then you will have some troubles finding an Indonesian girl who suits you.- If she asks you money for her family, take the matter seriously.Visit them, and make sure that everyone is doing its share too, including all the relatives.

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