Sagittarius dating a virgo man

I think we have ups and downs in the past because of past relationships and after breaking up for 2 1/2 months we realized we couldn't be without each other.We have been together a year and last year on New Year's Eve we kissed and my resolution was to kiss the same man next year and here we are enjoying another winter season together ;) pretty accurate details on us now let's see if we get married because I'm ready to be his wife and have another baby. This says that Taurus women and Virgo men have nothing to fight about, I'm a Taurus female and my Virgo boyfriend and I fight all the time. Sometimes we are stubborn and might disagree but it never turns into ad argument and like it says here, I'm usually the one to give in first.Then they will rush into each other's arms, and decide never to part company with each other.They will believe each other at once and realize that they have found their soul mate - the one they have long looked for.But there will be no conflicts and ruptures - these signs are too smart to sacrifice their love and happiness.

A Leo man is strikingly admirable personality with a hard head and a soft heart.They very sensitively preserve the peace and happiness of each other, and they always stick together, assist, advise, and supplement each other.They respect the dignity of each other, and each of them finds it important that the other one does not feel slighted or offended.This would allow Virgo man to feel confident and relaxed. A double Virgo is someone with their Sun, Moon and rising signs all in Virgo.)I'm a taurus and my boyfriend is a Virgi.I'm a double Virgo man and one of my Best dearest friends is a Taurus woman... I am completely at least see with her and her and I have little quips about things but we don't fight. We definitely argue because we are so passionate about the relationship but I put my insecurities on the table more than he does.

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We each respect each other enough to see that nothing is that bad to raise our attitudes to fighting, yelling or saying unkind things to each other. But anytime we argue it always ends with a long conversation apologizing and making up. Although we both have a lot of baggage somehow we are able to live comfortably past it when we don't bring up the past lol.

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