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When things have gone too far in the past, producers will generally intervene — “especially if someone has gotten too drunk and can’t handle themselves,” says the producer.

“If someone’s had a few drinks, but seem to know what they’re doing, you’re probably going to let that go.

She backs down and allows it, but it leaves her alone for the holidays. Bill's complete inability to perform on-camera seems a little odd — he hasn't had a problem with public speaking in the past, even if he's seemed a little stiff — and while the show might be trying to imply that Bill's impotence has caused an across-the-board crisis of confidence, well, that seems a little far-fetched, too.

But it's properly moving (yeah, I said it) once Bill figures out a way to talk about sexuality and shame and vocabulary on-camera — it's one of the first times Bill, our Bill, from Masters of Sex, actually seems like Perhaps the best moments of the episode come, once again, from Lester, who has some really strong feelings about how the CBS crew should be doing its job.

has officially halted production due to an investigation into allegations of misconduct, a spotlight has been cast on the franchise — particularly regarding the way it handles sex.

PEOPLE sources previously confirmed production was suspended after a producer raised concerns about an alleged sexual encounter between contestant De Mario Jackson, 30, and a female cast mate, both of whom had reportedly been drinking heavily all day.

If you'd asked me a few months ago what I most wanted to see on this season of Masters of Sex, I would've said that I was anxious to see Bill and Virginia finally get together.

We haven't seen her kids in awhile, and when we do, it's clear that they're closer to their father than to Virginia — a far cry from the man who didn't even have a storybook in his home during "The Fight." He asks Virginia for permission to take the children to Europe with him and his new wife, and when she says no, he asks whether she'd prefer the kids come home to a babysitter and the vague hope they'd stay awake until their mom came home. He chafes at the PR man (Adam Arkin, back again, you silver fox, you) suggesting that Bill abandon his bow tie and smile occasionally.By the end of the hour, we're back to Virginia and Bill, just the two of them, only at the offices instead of the hotel. "I'm here," Virginia promises Bill, again, as he cries in the last moments of the episode, cradling his head like he's a baby. The whole run is a lovely bit of acting from Caitilin Fitz Gerald, who's had to shift between stoic and shrill and erratic without much reward all season.It's all still out of place and random, but they're having sex on a television program about sex, which is all I've been asking them to do all season, really.

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If someone is passing out or slurring, you’re going to take care of them.” “Producers absolutely step in if they think there is something bad going on,” he adds.

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  1. You don’t see the person as a whole…you see the perfect wedding night/pure marriage you’ll never be able to have if you stay with them. How they treat you, who they are, and how much you enjoy them should be hugely important factors. Some of those other qualities can be even more rare than virginity. But given that the rest of the world is full of one night stands, casual sex, and “hook up culture”, maybe the fact that your girlfriend/boyfriend has only had sex with one other person in the context of a long term relationship (or whatever) isn’t so bad.. Appreciate that in the grand scheme of things, your girlfriend/boyfriend may be much closer to your sincere, genuine idea of sexuality than he/she is to those “other” people’s warped and soulless view of sex.