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All the footage of @Stormzy at Glastonbury @BBCBreakfast could choose and they went for the policeman waving the 12” dildo about πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ GBHP β€” Nick Austwick (@nickaustwick) December 15, 2017 While the hosts either didn't or pretended not to notice, viewers spotted the moment instantly and tweeted about it (with a considerable amount of glee) on social media.

It probably wasn't quite what viewers were expecting to see during breakfast.

While she was seen dancing around set for most of the video, Rita also seen wildly flipping her hair and and laughing at the camera, in playful touches to the sexy shoot.

Rita, who has also starred in the 20 editions of the calendar, said of the project: 'I look forward to shooting this every year!

Removing the jumper as the video gets into full swing however, Rita then revealed an incredibly racy lace leotard underneath - which featured cut-outs down the side, to show off most of her envy-inducing figure.

Cinching in at her tiny waist, the one-piece also cut to a daring height at her rear to give a flash of her derriere, as she writhed around sexily to her latest single.

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