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For any data stored in the cache, a regeneration strategy needs to be put in place in case the data goes missing.

This philosophy is one of the fundamentals behind Play, and is different from Java EE, where the session is expected to retain values throughout its lifetime.

Caching data is a typical optimization in modern applications, and so Play provides a global cache.

An important point about the cache is that it behaves just like a cache should: the data you just stored may just go missing.

Downloaded sample "Notepad.jnlp" from https://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/deployment/webstart/2.

JBoss Cache is an advanced, 'enterprise-grade' data grid solution, providing features such as transactions, eviction, and cache loading in addition to replication.Usually this is okay if you are using Play’s default configuration, which only stores elements in memory since reads should be relatively fast.However, depending on how Eh Cache was configured and where the data is stored, this blocking I/O might be too costly.The expectation is that removing all items from the cache should only be needed as an admin operation in special cases, not part of the normal operation of your app.Note that the Sync Cache Api has the same API, except it returns the values directly instead of using futures. In the default Ehcache implementation, the default cache is called By default, all Ehcache operations are blocking, and async implementations will block threads in the default execution context.

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