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This Engine is a 1 1/2 HP model, engine number 13079 and was built around 1947 however exact dating is not possible as the records were all destroyed in a fire at the Factory.

The first WD2 was built in March 1945 at engine no 7000 and the last one was built in March 1949 at engine no 24004.

(If you order the book from his website it will cost you UK£ 13-00 plus about £6-00 postage - so £19-00 (or in South African Rand ZAR 216.06) (Tonight's rate) If you would like to get one of these which will also eventually become collectors items due to them being personally signed then please contact me urgently - remember that there are only 10 signed copies!

This Company was a well established manufacturer of sheep shearing and associated equipement.

I will probably be able to fabricate a "reasonable facsimile" although it will probably not be necessary as the engine will run on petrol (gasoline) in future. The silencer is missing and I will have to fabricate a new one - also quite easy to do but some dimensions would also be good from our Aus friends.

I have access to the smaller silencer to get the shape right.

I could of course have a new set cast here but I'm one of those guys that does not have an unlimited budget.

The answer seems to be the set of Lister 6/1 flywheels I picked up - at least until I win the Lottery. If someone has one loose then the weight would also be a great help.

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This is something I will have to sort out - any suggestions and help will be appreciated.

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